Create a Memorial Wall for all who have committed suicide or been harmed because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Organize a “love-your-neighbor day” when everyone does something for someone different than themselves.

Support busloads of people going to General Conference to advocate on LGBTQ legislation.

Flood committees on investigation with various spurious charges that are other violations of the Discipline, i.e., not paying apportionments, undermining the ministry of another member of the clergy on the National Day of Filing Complaints.

Write names of (out) LGBTQIA loved ones on a large sheet at church and pray for them together.

Ask church members to invite their LGBTQIA family members and friends to church and plan a warm welcome.

Invite WCA members to dinner at your church with LFTBQI persons.

Tie Resist Harm to MLK Day.

Host marriage encounter weekends for same sex couples.

Organize a video conference with a Central Conference.

Host a meal in your UM church with LGBTQ organizations as an act of repentance, learning and reconciliation.

Gather a critical mass of churches in your conference desiring to witness to their disagreement with the Traditional Plan.

Go to General Conference and vote but be silent. Keep the WCA from getting a 2/3rds majority to force other changes, but don't fight – just keep silent.

Stage a mass walkout of General Conference.

Engage ACLU and other organizations to Resist Harm with us.

Walk out of Clergy session in 2020.

Coordinate an effort of UM seminaries and colleges to have and disseminate 100 statements from 100 colleges.

Support those who come out on National Coming Out Day.

Consider a fundraiser something like "Red Nose Day" or "Ice Bucket Challenge" where the proceeds go to suicide prevention or Resisting Harm.

Encourage confirmands to think about Resisting Harm in all its forms and consider actions they can take.

Display the stoles of those removed from orders.

Show acts of love toward LGBTQ persons – possibly a pride party or dinner or invitation to lunch.

Make sure local churches know how much it will cost to take everyone who has a charge filed on January 1, 2020, to trial.

Create #ChurchOut in which congregations create space for individuals to share their pain, story, art and songs about the harm caused to LGTBQ individuals in the church.

Create art installations portraying the harm that has been done and the hope for the future.

Create a Resist Harm graffiti wall.

Organize “Quilts of Resistance” quilting bees.

Encourage and support DSes who are willing to file charges of “interfering in the ministry of a colleague” against any person bringing charges related to sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Develop daily devotions for a month, each including a suggested act of resistance or support of a resister.

Certify openly gay candidates for ministry (Staff Pastor Relations Committees).

Fill the phone lines of WCA affiliated Bishops and other leaders with respectful Resist Harm messages.

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