“The thing to remember is not to read so much or talk so much about God, but to talk to God. To practice the presence of God.”

Dorothy Day, Catholic Pacifist, Journalist, & Women’s Rights Activist

Prayer calls us to be real with God and with ourselves. Authenticity is a form of resistance against superficial faith and unexamined questions. In her book Joy Unspeakable, Barbara Holmes reminds us that “activism and contemplation are not functional opposites.” If we pursue justice without attending to the inner journey, we are more likely to do harm. Resisting harm means resisting the harm that we ourselves can do, as well as the harm done by others. Because we belong to a Church that is discriminatory against LGBTQ persons and other marginalized groups, we belong to a system of harm that we have the power and agency to resist.

We must root our lives in our concrete experience of God’s love in us or we may mirror the very systems of domination and oppression we resist.

Non-violent resistance leader and anti-colonialist Mahatma Gandhi emphasized that “prayer is the heart of resistance.” We join Gandhi and many other resistance leaders in emphasizing prayer as both a spiritual discipline and a form of resistance.

Authentic prayer is opening to God’s gracious presence with all that we are, what Scripture summarizes as our whole heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:37). Therefore, prayer is more a way of being than an isolated act of doing… Prayer is aimed at our deepest problem: our tendency to forget our liberating connectedness with God… Prayer also arises from our deepest hope: for the abundance of life that comes when we abide in our deepest home, our widest consciousness. Prayer is our bridge to Home.

Tilden Edwards, Theologian

Extended Season of Love

Prayers for August 2020

Prayer is an active and consequential form of transformative spiritual work in resisting injustice and seeking God’s shalom. As the ResistHarm movement leans into an extended Season of Love, the following prayers are offered for use as a weekly guide to prompt and enrich our prayer life as a means of grace.

August 30th-September 5th

Prayer Focus: that our LGBTQIA+ siblings would know that they are deeply loved by God.

Holy God, who knit together each one of us in our mother’s wombs, we praise and thank you for the life you created for us. Each one of us is a unique and incredible treasure. Help us to embrace the person you created us to be and to open our eyes to the incredible gifts which have been bestowed on each of us. Show is the way to help others accept themselves, love themselves, and celebrate their own gifts so they two may shine your light to the world. May the Spirit walk with us in all we do teaching us and leading us to treat each other with grace, love, and compassion. Amen.

September 6th-12th

Prayer Focus: that God’s perfect love might drive out our fears and anxieties in this season of uncertainty.

Loving God, you are the source of life itself and have blessed each one of us with your Spirit, each of us formed as a unique part of creation and of the body of Christ. Let your living force run through each of us ,allowing us to be strengthened with courage so we are empowered to live out our stories with joy, with pride, and with truth. Fill us with your compassionate love for each other and for ourselves and help us reflect that love to all we encounter. May we feel the peace which surpasses all understanding so that we may walk through this life in strength, compassion, and in love. Amen.

September 13th-19th

Prayer Focus: that the decisions of the denomination would be grounded in and guided by love.

Holy God, who stands as our rock and strength in all trials, fill LGBTQIA+ allies with that same strength. May they be encouraged to walk with their LGBTQIA+ siblings on this journey. To recognize where the injustices are in this world and to fight unceasingly against them so that all are treated equitably and fairly. May you be with those of the LGBTQIA+ community too, guiding and teaching so that all know of and fight for the inequalities of others, creating a community which works together for the good of all, where all are loved, all are equal, and all are celebrated. Amen.

September 20th-26th

Prayer Focus: that all people would grow in love for God and neighbor.

Gracious and loving God, whose light shines within each of us, may that light guide us away from those places where we hide our own light because we are forced to hide who we are created to be. Be with us, guide us, empower us to show the world that your light too shines in us and for us. Give us the courage to stand up to a world embroiled in inequality, injustice, and discrimination so that we may be your hands and feet lighting the way for others with love and gentle pride. Amen.

Prayer Guides

These prayers were written by the Resist Harm Prayer Team. You are welcome to share these prayers, but please cite the #ResistHarm movement with a link back to this page on our website.

Prayer of Resistance

Pray For all God’s people, that we may have the courage to resist. For the Church, that we may resist the temptation to settle for easy answers to hard questions. For our LGBTQIA+ siblings that they may draw strength from the willingness or all God’s people to stand together to resist the forces of exclusion […]
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Prayer of Lament

Pray With those affected by legislated horror because of their gender identity or sexual orientation; With those who lament inability to serve a church as a pastor because of whom they love; With people of color who face micro-and-macro aggressions day in and day out; With those who lament their decision to cross into this […]
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Prayer of Light

Pray With those affected by natural disasters With those who are in their own dark night of the soul With those who see no hope or light With those around the world weary and searching for hope throughout years of war and disease With those who don’t see God’s promise of resurrection With those trapped […]
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Prayer of Witness

Pray With those who have another year for preparing to serve as delegates to General Conference, that they may have patience in this time of waiting; With those who live in places where it is unsafe to claim the name of Christ; With those struggling to live Jesus’ way in places where money, power, greed, […]
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