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Resist Harm offers these additional ideas for your use. They came from a broadly representative group of United Methodists who gathered after the Special General Conference. While the list is not exhaustive, we hope they will be helpful as you plan. They reflect the diversity of contexts around the connection.
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Create and share a human rainbow photo.

Post (or send) a picture of an LGBT person you love along with your name and the message “I am a new UM or a cradle UM or a Hispanic/Black/ Caucasian UM or a conservative/moderate/progressive UM and I'm for or I resist for or I stand up for [first name of pictured loved one]."

Publish your own marriage license in opposition to the new rule on January 1.

Flood the WCA Facebook with loving Resist Harm messages.

Seek and distribute comments supportive of Resist Harm concepts from Bishops and other UM leaders.

Submit Resist Harm related stories and leads to UMC News, Ministry Matters,, etc., as well as to UMC Communications and local media.

Create a comprehensive "Do No Harm" or Resist Harm campaign in your UM community.

Use symbols that represent safety, inclusivity and resistance.

Have groups take photos in the front of their churches with a hashtag.

Share Resist Harm testimonies on social media thousands of times at once.

Encourage United Methodists around the world to wear rainbow symbols and a rainbow frame on Facebook.

Expand Resist Harm social media presence with an agreed-upon hashtag.

Facilitate a Resist Harm social media blitz/hashtag with story sharing and including #notmydiscipline.

Use the torn cross and flame as a public symbol of witness.

Publish names/images of people lost to suicide due to exclusionary policies. (Obtain permission from families first!)

Organize a press conference of reconciling/inclusive United Methodist churches.

Publish letters or ads on January 5, with the names of churches and pastors supporting the United Methodist Day of Repentance.

Issue a public Resist Harm statement and invite signatures of individual UMs, UM churches and annual conferences.

Engage politicians to do videos and written statements with the message “I am a United Methodist and I support an inclusive UMC.”

Place positive newspaper ads and seek coverage about welcoming UM churches.

Place a full page obituary in The New York Times, Washington Post and other major newspapers explaining how the Traditional Plan hurts both individuals and the United Methodist Church and how it even puts the entire UM Church at risk.

Place the Resist Harm message in newspaper ads and on billboards in all major markets.

Write letters to the editors of local and national newspapers.

Develop a Resist Harm media kit with video and written testimonials, press releases, photos and possibly a logo.

Plan a media blitz including press releases to all media on a coordinated day.

Host an anniversary party for all married couples.

Offer a renewal of vows and blessing for all marriages (including same gender), presided over by clergy and held in annual conference or local church facilities.

Invite same sex couples to reaffirm their wedding vows at a local UMC.

Ask that churches release their policies on allowing all weddings in their church.

Decline to do any weddings on January 4.

Celebrate all the weddings we have already done.

Celebrate a National Day of Marriage for ALL married couples.

  • Multiple pastors sign wedding certificates for same sex weddings.
  • Retired clergy officiate same sex wedding.
  • Offer same sex weddings performed by Laity.
  • Bishop or other high profile person(s) conduct same sex weddings.
  • Conduct a mass wedding on January 2nd, 4th and/or 5th with media coverage.

Celebrate a wedding in your conference office, officiated by multiple clergy.

Offer the sanctuary of your church for a same sex wedding.

Deliver 95 words or scriptures of resistance emailed, placed on church doors and delivered with media to Conference Offices.

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